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So livejournal just emailed me a survey since it's been so damn long since I logged in here. It's kind of sad how important LJ was to me for so long and now it's just another "myspace" that no one uses because other sites came up and took their place in popularity. LJ was where I made so many friends all over the world, where I shared my life so I can look back and think "wow, I can't believe I did that!".

In case anyone else still checks their friendpage, here's what's going on with me currently:

  • Ben and I went to Japan for 3.5 weeks in May which was the BEST! We did Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto. I am so happy that I have found someone who loves travel as much as I do. We're spending a few days in New Zealand in August for Beervana (a craft beer festival) which will also be fun as I haven't been to NZ since 1999!

  • We are getting married! Specifically on Halloween. There was no grand romantic gesture with a big proposal. We just discussed how I'm uncomfortable with proposals and the concept of being "engaged" and we decided together that we'd like to get married and maybe Halloween (as it falls on a Saturday this year) would be a good time for it. To be honest if we weren't having a Halloween themed wedding I don't think I'd ever wnat to bother, it's all so boring really. The theme will be "Haunted Mansion: as in the Disneyland attraction and it's going to be RIDICULOUS!

  • Ben and I bought a home together 2 years ago! Well truth be told he did most of it as he planned to anyway but I pay the mortgage and helped choose our home so we call it ours :) I love out house, we only have neighbours on one side (there's a bit of bushland on the other side), there's a dog park and a lake with a lovely walk nearby, we live within 20 minutes of the city and we get to decorate it however the hell we want!

  • We got another dog, a papillon we rescued from a dodgy breeder who got busted by the RSPCA. She was a few years old when we got her and had only ever lived outside with dozens of border collies, never been on a walk or held... and yet after all that she's the sweetest little girl in the world! She'll never be properly toilet trained and she's a monster on walks but they're insignificant when you consider how much love she's brought us.

Our precious little Midwich, aka Midi, aka Rabies.

Well I think that's it! I may post again sometime in the near future, maybe not. But it was nice to just write here for once.

Cara :)
Thanks to the_adamwest, I've decided to totally overhaul my LJ and start using it more. So I have a new layout (good ol' LJ freebies that suit me perfectly, mwahaha), totally redid my userinfo and am ready for a fresh start. I should probably find more/new LJ friends since most people seem to have moved on and don't update any more. I might also pay for a new username as "dienacht" is so irrelevant to me these days and this is the only place I still use it. Though $15 is kind of steep... Well at the very least I'll get a paid account again and get some new damn icons! 

Anyway, check out this amazing photo by amazing boyfriend took of me on Sunday. We didn't really plan it (beyond agreeing we'd take some photos and him bringing his camera/lighting equipment) so this was just me on a Sunday evening with some makeup and one of my favourite dresses in my garage :)

Yay for app's!

Just realised there's an Android app for LJ! Maybe I will post more often, after all! 


Zombies on my Mind

Well it’s that time of year again. It’s mid-October and the Brisbane Zombie Walk is almost upon us. Literally every single thought that goes through my heard involves zombies in some way. There’s less than two weeks to go and I’m madly trying to sort out all of the permits (you don’t want to know how many we need, it’s insane) and all of the final details that will make this walk the most professional yet. It’s amazing how much we learn each year. I’m sure that even after doing this for 10 years, I will keep on finding new ways to make it run better. But we’re getting there and since my stress levels are relatively low right now, I feel confident in saying we’re doing pretty well. So that’s why my posts have been few and far between. I don’t feel the need to bore you to death with zombie-this and zombie-that for an entire month. But I did wnat to share a few things that might be of interest for the zombie-inclined:

First of all, how cute are our shirts this year? I am super proud of the design and they look AMAZING in real life! I got a couple of singlets printed as I hate wearing t-shirts, but they’re just for the female organisers, not for the public. Hopefully next year! Want one? Buy them here!

The QLD Police launched a new site called QldAlert which will compile all of their social media for a handy one-stop shop when there’s an emergency or major event. And to test it out, they made it all about a zombie outbreak. Told ya’ll the QPS had our backs!

My favourite Brisbane artist Lauren Carney has made special shirts for the walk, and is giving us half the proceeds! I am so exited, especially since the bag she had with this design at the last markets I saw her at had sold out :( Yay for cute zombies!

And finally, check out the cutest engagement photoshoot ever! (Yes, it involves zombies)

Oct. 3rd, 2011

HI! It's time for a non-blog update! I keep starting new posts but LJ sucks big old bowls of dicks and deletes them ALL THE TIME. I'm hoping this one will be OK, but to be safe I am copying it every other sentence. Sure, I could type this in notepad and then copy it over but whatever, this will do.

Can I tell you all just how much I love my little puppy Rhaego? He's grown a bit but is still really small and fluffy and ridiculously adorable. I sometimes think I might be just a tad obsessed with him, but then I cuddle him and realise I am being totally normal and rational with my obsessive love. I mean, just look at this face:

Rhaego in my car

Yep, that's him going for a drive with me. RIDICULOUS! He's just about to turn 4 months old so there's still a long way to go (especially with regards to toilet training) but I have never loved anything as much as I love him.

What else? Well, speaking of my car (Betsy, in case you forgot her name), she's just about had it. I haven't driven her in weeks because she started spewing out oil quite suddenly and even a fool like me knows that ain't good. It's going to cost about the same to fix her as it would to get a new (well, something from the 90s anyway) car. She's so good otherwise... well, aside from the fact her fuel gauge doesn't work, her brakes squeak randomly and various bit like door handles are broken/missing, she is in awesome shape. No really, she drives amazingly and my sisters boyfriend who gave the verdict that she's in a bad way admitted she's actually a pleasure to drive and if we did get her fixed she'd probably last another 10 years. I was devastated, naturally. Betsy is like a dear old friend, she's faithful and does so much for me and so long as I keep her water and oil checked and fill her up at 300km she was a great sport. Oh well, I'll see how we go. There will be tears if I have to taker her to the wreckers, I'm telling you now.

In other Cara news, there's less than THREE weeks until this years zombie walk. And man, what a chore it has been. I mean, some things are going smoothly but then stuff with the council and trying to get sponsors has been hard. I literally just got give then t-shirts from the printers and they are so cute! I will post pics when I am not exhausted and am not looking like arse after an intense gym session this evening. So all the bitching I was gong to do about how hard it is to organise the Brisbane Zombie Walk is forgotten because OMG cutest shirts ever!

What I Wore – Pink bat Attack!

It has been ages since I did a “What I Wore” post and there are two very good reasons for it. Firstly, I still haven’t replaced my poor, broken camera (though I have an amazing one on layby which I pick up soon) and secondly, because I get all self-conscious and shy and so rarely take photos of my outfits and on the rare occassion that I do, I freak out and refuse to post it. I am lame, I know.

But I just bought this dress and was feeling lovelyso I got mum to snap a few quick pics on her mobile which turned out OK and I’m biting the bullet and posting! Yay for me!

Dress: Pink Bat Attack by Sourpuss (bought from my friend Skye-Bow Clothing & Accessories)

Leggings:  I got these babies from Avon. They hold you in and are slinky and just about the best pair I’ve ever owned!

Necklace: Zombie Bling by Sourpuss (also from Skye-Bow Clothing & Accessories)

Shoes: El-cheapo’s from Best & Less which I got for about $9 or something ridiculous!


As you can (hopefully) see, the bats have wicked little grins. Now really, how could I have lived another minute without this dress in my possession? The necklace is also incredible, the perfect length and so nicely encrusted with rhinestones. Dear god I love Sourpuss!

Let the Magpies Swoop

Once again, I’m not sure why I waste my time reading the so-called articles on news.com.au because I get far too angry. And that’s before I even get to the reader comments! Today’s little gem is the article about a three year old getting swooped by a magpie, who may or may not lose some/all vision in one eye as the magpie wasn’t deterred by the child’s yells. There’s been a fair bit of publicity about swooping magpies this season, and naturally there are two distinct sides as to what to do about it.

The comments on this particular article are a fine example of the two vastly different opinions. On one hand, some share my view that this is what happens every year for as long as these birds have existed and that you need to be cautious when in an area known to contain nesting magpies. After all, this only happens for just over one month a year (between late-August early-October), so it shouldn’t be such a big deal that we keep away from affected areas or at least wear appropriate headwear when passing through.

But no, the jerks all come out, declaring them to be a horrible pest who maim and kill our precious children, so they must all be culled so we can live in peace. Never mind the fact there’s only ever been reports of one kid dying from a magpie attack back in 1946 and that was from tetanus. A kid died from being hit by a car after being swooped by a magpie last year, but the magpie didn’t intend for that to happen, he just wanted to protect his territory. But nah, that’s not good enough, and won’t somebody PLEASE think of the CHILDREN??!!

Look, it sucks for anyone who’s been hurt by a magpie. Personally I’ve never been attacked and as far as I’m aware, never even been swooped. I lived in the country for the first 9 years of my life, and then on the back of a huge park next to a creek, surrounded by bushland until I was in my early 20s. I visit my mum every other week and we go on long walks in various parks and I’ve never been attacked once (I have been swooped by plovers but I was trying to spy on the cute little babies and I carried a branch above my head, so I knew what I was in for). In fact I can only think of one person ever claiming to have been hurt while being swooped and while it did draw some blood, he had no real misgivings about it because that’s what happens in Australia this time of year. FANCY THAT!

My fear is that the boon’s will all be out trying to kill poor magpie’s after this extra publicity and so hundreds of innocent birds will be tortured because one kid got a peck in the eye in Toowoomba. I was horrified when I heard about how many flying foxes were killed, tortured, mutilated and left to die because of the Hendra virus scare we had in Queensland a few months ago, just because horses can catch the virus from bat poop which affected about four humans and a dog. I dread to think how many magpies will be harmed as a result of this “bad press”.

Anyway, my comment got published (which is rare for me, my comments rarely make the cut) and fortunately most of the commenters seem to be against culling these magnificent birds as well.

Ruby’s New ‘Do

Guess who got their hair cut last night?

Let me just start off by saying, I love it. I have had pretty much the same haircut for a few years now, a concave bob with a blunt fringe that grows out into a lob (long bob, just to clarify for those not in the hair-know). There was a stage for about a year where I went quite short at the back which was fun at the time, but something I’ll never bother with again. I had a side-swept fringe for a bit but I’d always revert back to my faithful blunt fringe that would range between super short to in-my-eyes-and-pissing-me-off long.

I got an asymmetrical fringe a couple of months ago on a whim (it was going to be a side-swept fringe again but my hairdresser mixed it up a bit) which I really liked. So I kept it a while, even getting it re-trimmed in the same way (I rarely keep a “different” fringe upon my follow up fringe trim). Then one of the other hairdressers at the the salon I go to asked if I wnated to be a hair model. And this is the result!

I’ll probably loathe it when it starts growing out but it was FREE and I love the double asymmetrical thing and just generally having something quite different to what I’m used to.

Don’t worry though, the pink/black is here to stay!


Ruby’s Movie Reviews – August 2011

So this is a bit late. What can I say? I’m slack as hell and never gonna change! But that’s part of my charm, right???


I had been looking forward to this film for some time. I saw the trailer a while ago online and couldn’t wait to finally see it. Daniel Craig as a tough (sexy) cowboy who doesn’t remember who he is, combined with the likes of Harrison Ford AND aliens? It was too good to be true. I took mum to see it as she was just as eager as I was, and it surpassed our expectations! Thankfully it wasn’t in 3D (have I told you just how OVER 3D films I am now?) and instead relied on a great story line and awesome special effects as well as fantastic casting.

The year is 1873 and a man wakes up with no recollection of how he wound up in the middle of nowhere, who he is, nor where the fancy metal cuff got onto his wrist. He quickly learns he is a wanted man and as he’s about to be carted off to be tried for his crimes, the town is attacked by aliens who steal people away, leaving the town devastated. The remaining citizens then go after the aliens to retrieve their loved ones and get rid of the evil aliens. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but I am telling you now, it is fantastic. I also loved how authentic it was, there was no need to glamourise that era of make it trendy by being a bit steampunk (which is something I normally love, but it would have been tacky if done in this particular film).


When I first saw the trailer for this I was a little bit sceptical. After all, the remake of Planet of the Apes by Tim Burton was an absolute travesty and he’s a damn good director so I kind of assumed there was no hope. But then the reviews started rolling in and they were all excellent so between that and the fact James Franco is a dreamboat, so I went to see it with neutral feelings, hoping for something amazing but accepting of the fact it might completely blow.

Fortunately, it was EXCELLENT! The CGI as mind-blowing, to the point where you were absolutely certain that most of the apes (particularly the orang-utan’s) were real. The story line was pretty simple but very well told and as hopes, James Franco was his usual charming self and John Lithgow’s did a terrific job as his aging dad who was the catalyst for much of what happens in the film.

I really hope they don’t make a ”sequel”  as the ending explains how the world becomes the Planet of the Apes in the 1968 classic. But based on its success and the way Hollywood can;t leave a good thing alone, I’m sure one will be in production soon.


Now this is a film I never thought I’d see, let alone love. I saw the poster for it back when HP: DH2 was out and I recall slinging off at it and saying “I’d rather die than see that”. This is a definite case of  ”don’t judge a book by its cover” because the poster did not reflect the beauty of the film one bit, and believe me, Red Dog was one of the most wonderful films I’ve seen in years. It’s very, very Aussie but not in an alienating way that only Aussies will get. It was just really authentic without going overboard with the cliche’s or the “zany” Australian style of film making that can make our films hard to market overseas.

Red Dog is the main character and is a kelpie whom the residents of the rural town of Dampier fell in love with in the 1970s. They retell his story to a truck driver who happens to stop by their only pub as Red Dog has been found gravely ill (don’t worry, this is the very first scene so I didn’t just spoil the film horribly for you). They recall his grand adventures which include his wanderings through Western Australia‘s Pilbara region, as well as the many wonderful ways that he impacted their lives.

I really don’t want to go into more detail because I want everyone to go see it and enjoy it for themselves. Ignore the lame movie poster and take some tissues because it gets really bloody sad, more than once. I really hope this film does well because it deserves to be shown all over the world and appreciated by anyone who loves dogs or just enjoys well-made Australia movies. I seriously got a tear in my eye from just reading the synopsis of the film, which means I’m probably going to have to see it again. Oh darn!



I saw this in today’s newspaper and was relieved to see that I’m not the only person who feels this way. In fact I’d been planning to write an open letter to Brisbane City Council about the state of Fortitude Valley for some time, but never made the effort to sit down and write about it. But upon seeing this, I have been motivated to finally have my say:

Dear Brisbane City Council,

I live in Fortitude Valley and have done so for a number of years. I love the convenience and how close I am to everything in the inner-City. Plus I love the fact I can go out for a night on the town and it’s only a short stumble home afterwards. I don’t intend to move away from the Valley anytime soon, but there are days when I wonder why I live there when I am confronted with the worst this suburb has to offer, more often than not.

While I try to walk to work every morning, I sometimes have to catch a train which means taking the escalators from Wickham St up to Valley Metro and am constantly appalled by the state of things in such a small space. First of all, you have to avoid a close encounter with some of the Valley’s least desirable residents who take to sitting on the ground outside Cafe One, yelling at each other and in some cases, getting into fist fights and dealing drugs. Then you have to deal with the escalators which do not work 99% of the time and are caked in filth, only to be greeted with the disgusting mess that is the walkway between McWhirters building and the Metro food court. I have literally never seen it clean. There are inches of dust and grime coating old rubbish and fast food containers. I once saw a pie that has been smeared into the wall last about a month before it was cleaned (or most likely, fell off on its own accord). Considering Fortitude Valley station is the 3rdbusiest in Queensland, this is appalling.

Imagine being a tourist, who has taken the train to the (in)famous Fortitude Valley and that is what they see. Or if they choose to enter the Valley via the main exit they get to witness another nasty side of the Valley which is Brunswick St between the five-ways and Wickham Street. This is another area that I’ve never seen clean and always has a range of dodgy looking people hovering around, asking for change and then abusing you if you refuse. On one side of the street you have dank old cheap shops that you can smell from a mile off and haven’t been updated since the building used to be a Walton’s, facing $1 peepshows, strip joints, nightclubs and the dingy Chopstix Arcade.

The rest of the Valley ain’t much better either. Footpath’s are in a terrible state (though some have been totally replaced near our unit which was a nice surprise), the Brunswick St Mall is ridiculously outdated and the TCB arcade that was probably meant to raise the mall’s profile echoes as it’s almost completely empty. The China Town mall has been updated and looks kind of cool (if not a bit barren) but otherwsie I haven’t seen anything in the public areas of the Valley updated since I’ve lived here. Most of China Town is revolting too. How most of those restaurants haven’t been shut down for health and safety violations is beyond me. Some mornings as I walk to work, I gag on the smell emanating out of the bins sitting out on the footpath and can only imagine what the kitchen’s look like if that’s what was taken out.

I’m not saying the entire Valley needs to be cleaned up, renovated and changed. All I’m asking for is a bit of a spruce up and disciplining the daggy shops for stinking up the place so badly. Fix the shitty footpaths’s, replace the devastated street furniture, jazz up the Brunswick St mall and make shop owners fix up their shit because seeing massive holes in the overhangs of shops, many of which still bear the names of shops from 25 years ago is nasty. The Valley should retain some of its slightly derelict charm, but overall it needs some serious updating, a good scrub down and if possible, PLEASE move the drunks and druggo’s elsewhere so I don’t have to fear for my safety anytime after 8pm. It’s shouldn’t just be about the nightlife on Friday and Saturday nights, it should be a place for people to visit at any time of the day, on any day of the week. After all, those Valley markets on Saturday’s aren’t even worth a second glance these days and every other retail outlet is having a closing down sale because no one wants to spend time in the Valley any more.

Thanks in advance,

Ruby Velour

Concerned Citizen