Ruby Velour

Rock Fotze

23 December

Hi. My name is Cara but I like to call myself Ruby Velour. I got it from a rock star name generator years ago and I’ve used it ever since.

I am mostly shy, with an obnoxious streak. I am obsessed with the colours pink and black, it’s all I wear and colour of my hair. I am passionate about music, film, fashion and almost anything creative. I’m a dreamer and a hopeless optimist, but I do have a little bit of emo tucked away somewhere (though I’ll deny it passionately if you ever asked me about it). I love tattoos and dancing and poodles (sometimes all at once) and am very good at creative swearing and inappropriate fist shaking.

I’ve done a decent amount of traveling, living in London for some time, with much more planned. I am a Branch Administrator for a busy office in the sunny city of Brisbane where’s it always bloody hot or pouring with rain. When not at work making a humble living I like to get out and about and see the world or buy fabulous new things.

This is where I talk about more personal things and so as a result, therefore most entries are friends-locked. Please add me if you'd like to follow, otherwise check out my blog:


I also make and sell super cute accessories. Check out my online store: http://www.rubykawaii.com